Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creative Product

Toy Car

This Toy Car is very useful for us especially for children. This toy is not harmful for children because this car is not make by dangerous stuff. Besides this, the car is nice to see, it can be use for display or collection

Matterial that needed:
•4 plastic bootle
•2 cardboard
•warp paper
•color paper 

How to make it?
1. Make the 2 cardboard into big and small pieces and combine the big and small pieces. In front of the car use the small cardboard while the back of the car use the big one.
2. Cut the bottom of the bottle to make it become a wheel of the car. 
3. Wrap the car and the wheel with the wrap paper.
4. Make a 4 small circle with the size of the pipe at every lower corner of the car.
5. Put the pipe at the small circle.
6. Put the whell at the pipe.
7. Make the window from color paper and stick the window at the car.
8. Add some decoration to make it nice to see. 

1. For playing
2. For display
3. For collection

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